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3 Quick Holiday Home Safety Tips – Santa Fe Homeowners

Most of us in Santa Fe have been shopping, decorating and anticipating some holiday vacation time. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, there has been a rise in personal injuries and property damage related to holiday home decorating. Don’t forget to keep in mind these 3 quick home safety practices during the holiday season:

1. Fire Proof your Tree –  If you are purchasing a live tree for the holidays, be sure to find the freshest one available, with needles that are pliable and do not fall off easily. Be sure to keep water in the tree stand and keep away from heat sources. If you choose an artificial tree, make sure that it is labeled as “Fire Resistant”, which although not completely flame retardant, will be safer for your home.

2. Candle and Fireplace Care – Holidays tend to call for more festive candles and higher fireplace usage. Be sure to have your fireplace and chimney inspected and cleaned prior to this winter’s use. Last year’s creosote can be a fire hazard this year. Do not leave holiday candles lit and unattended. Keep them within sight, on a flat heat-resistant surface, and away from pets and children.

3. Decorate Safely – Emergency room visits due to falls and lacerations increase every year during the holiday season. Be sure to have a responsible person hold the ladder for you when putting out lights or other decorations on your home. Assure that your tree is balanced in its stand securely, and recheck after the ornaments have been added, to avoid it falling on someone. Keep breakable ornaments or other decorations out of reach of children and in areas where they will not accidently get knocked over.

I wish my Santa Fe friends a wonderful and restful holiday season with your love ones and friends. And I look forward to assisting you with your real estate needs in 2013!


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