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About Moo

Having been born and raised in Santa Fe I always say I was spoiled from the very beginning. As an active outdoors person our fantastic climate and topography provides me the perfect playground for my favorite activities that range from running and skiing in the mountains as well as gardening and sitting poolside with a good book. Of course, I’m also spoiled by our casual cosmopolitan lifestyle with Santa Fe’s great food, art, and architecture just minutes from home!

My Santa Fe roots go back to 1916 when my grandfather came to the area and established the Bishop’s Lodge Resort which my family owned and operated until 1999. As kids, we had an idyllic life growing up at the lodge horseback riding and playing with kids from all over the country. It was a true family business and, as we grew, my siblings and I worked in just about every department and capacity from housekeeping to management and operations. For all intents and purposes, we grew up in a live business laboratory!

While Santa Fe has been my home most of my life, I did spend four years at Middlebury College in Vermont and lived in Washington DC for awhile during the Regan years. Needless to say, Santa Fe always beckoned and it was simply assumed that we would live here.

Once back in Santa Fe I delved into to my love for building by working on adobe homes starting as a laborer and eventually working my way up the ranks to getting my contractor’s license. Building homes naturally grew into an interest in the workings of the real estate industry which then led to my obtaining my Broker’s license.

The combination of my construction background with real estate sales soon became my passion and avocation. As a broker, I like to get people to smile, to full dreams, solve problems, achieve goals, and make transitions. For me, selling real estate is as much about people as it is property. It’s melding their lives with place and putting them together as seamlessly and smoothly as possible. To reach the end of transaction with all parties happy and satisfied is extremely gratifying and stimulating.

I’ve been fortunate to build a successful business helping and serving people in a place I love and have deep roots. I love being an ambassador, educating people about our community and guiding them through the process of either finding the right property or selling and moving on to a new ventures. How lucky I’ve been to do work I’m good at, find stimulating, and that is congruent with my lifestyle. The profession and our team structure provide me with independence, freedom, and income to raise a family, travel, and enjoy our fantastic area!

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