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Buying a home in Santa Fe New Mexico

Buying a home in Santa Fe New Mexico
When you’re thinking about investing in property in Santa Fe, reliable information is key to the decision making process. An overview of areas, options, and market values will make it possible for you to find the right investment for your needs.

Professionals Save Money

The costliest mistakes in real estate are only discovered after it’s too late. The better prepared and informed you are the less likely mistakes will ruin your experience. With almost 30 years of real estate experience in Santa Fe, I work with you at your pace and expose you to those properties that best fit your needs and help you avoid disaster.

We’re Your Team – The “Multiple Factor”

My team and I, with the power of three full time agents, provide what we call “the Multiple Factor”. We specialize in custom service and attention to ensure your buying process is efficient, seamless, and as stress free as possible. Each team member contributes their individual expertise to guide you through the dynamics of our market. We efficiently ensure you understand different areas, market values, and the issues you need to know about from water and zoning to how closings are handled in New Mexico. From historic homes, condominiums, properties with a view to vacant land, and exclusive estates we will help you sort through the options, areas, and local protocol for maximizing your investment!

If you’re going to enjoy Santa Fe and get settled in your life here you need to feel confident and secure knowing the details are being well attended to, that’s what we do best!

Here is a sampling of what we do to help find the perfect property:

Save Your Precious Time – I will show you significant properties that meet your criteria instead of just properties for sale

Communication –

My communication strategies keep you up to date on significant market conditions and the status of potential transactions. I provide you with information and counsel when negotiating on a property

Network Access –

I have assembled a network of crucial professionals involved in real estate transactions such as: lenders, attorneys, trade professionals, and property managers. Each one has a proven history of competent performance.

Education –

I feel an educated client is a client for life. I go out of my way to teach you the dynamics of our market through in-depth analysis so you have confidence in what you’re investing in.

I Take Care Of Your Interests –

Coordination of inspections, appraisers, lenders, title officers, and escrow processes.

Leave The Paperwork To Us –

Coordination of all closing documents such as: HUD Statements, Occupancy Agreements, and “Mail Out” Closings. I help coordinate details for you after closing as need be.

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