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Decorating Tips to Sell Your Home


You want to sell your home fast and for the highest price.  What can you do to help?  Answer is to decorate your home and make it ready for the process



If you ask any Realtor® what the number one thing you can do to sell your home, they will usually say, “Keep your house clean.”    This doesn’t mean normal clean, this means deep, showcase clean.    You need to start by removing all clutter in closets, counters, tables and floors.  If you have to, rent storage until your sell your home.  A storage unit may cost you $100 per month, but may help you make an extra $10,000 on your home.


Make your home about the new buyer, not you.  Remove all personal pictures, refrigerator magnets, coffee pots on the counter, children’s drawings and signs of pets.


You may want to hire a professional cleaning service to detail your home.  This may cost a little, but once again it can earn you thousands.


The next thing that Realtors always have on the list of thing is “Curb Appeal”.  Remember that old saying, “You never get a second chance at a first impression.”  That is very true in real estate.   Truth is that many buyers have decided if they like a home the second they pull up in front of the house.


If you have a green thumb, you can save thousands buy adding plants and shrubs near the entrance to your home.  If you need advice, talk to a professional landscaper.   There have been many cases where someone spent $1000 on landscaping and made back $20,000 or more in asking price.  It is very, very important.


Now look at the decorating of your home.  If you have old furniture, dirty curtains or window covers, or worn carpets, then think about ways you can hide, update or repair.  If your couch has seen better days, rent a new one until your home sells.  If you curtains are old and don’t look good, replace them.  Thrift stores are a great place for items to spruce up your home.  If you have wear patterns on your carpet, consider buying a decorative rug to cover it.


Lastly, you need a Realtor® that will be brutally honest with you about the way your home looks.  Many Realtors will not tell you that your home looks bad, because you are their client and it may offend you.  You need to tell your Realtor up front that you want to sell your home and need advice on how to make it look better.


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