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How can you fix your credit score?

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If you have had some issues paying your bills in the past or present, you’re not alone. Many of us have problems making sure our payments are up to date. However, your credit score can affect the purchase of your home, or any other major purchase you may need to make such as replacing a car, or even obtaining a new job.

Here are some ways to help your credit score improve. If you do not know your current credit score, you can visit free sites such as Credit Karma to find out your current rating.

Make some extra payments on your credit card bills. Helping to pay your credit card debt will show lenders that you are willing to make the payments – and it will also help with any occurring fees you may be entailing.

If you pay off a card, do not close the account. Closing an account does not help your credit score – it can actually hurt it. If you are able to pay off a card, keep the account open.

Contact your creditors if you know you need some help. They will help you in many cases by creating a discounted payment plan or other options to help you get back on track.

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