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How to Stage Your Yard to Appeal to Home Buyers

yard staging1If you are getting ready to list your home or you already have it on the market, focusing on the curb appeal of your home can drastically increase how quick and successful your home sells. We will be discussing how to stage the front and back yard of your home in order to make them more inviting and welcoming to potential buyers.




Start with Your Lawnyard staging2

If you are looking at the front your home from the street or from your patio looking out at your back yard, your lawn will set the tone and the one area potential buyer will surely focus on. You should make sure that your lawn is very well kept,
no weeds, dandelions, or patches of clover breaking up the grass. Your lawn should be a healthy green, unless you live in area that has some seasonal turnover or your community has water restrictions.

Have a Splash of Color

yard staging3Once your lawn is looking great, move on to your gardens and other landscaping features. The use of gardens is the best way to add vibrant splashes of color in your yard and can be used to accessorize the front and back of your home to break up the monotony. Choose flowers and plants that are in season in your area. Make sure that they are healthy while potential buyers are driving by and viewing your home removing any that are past their prime. One more thing remember most of the time, less is more; don’t overdo your gardening or you could have a small jungle around your home.


Have Your Back Yard Feel Invitingyard staging4

One of the major selling feature for many home buyers is your back yard, especially buyers with children. You need to make sure that your back yard feels as inviting as possible. Make sure that, if you have a patio or
deck, that your furniture and BBQ is arranged tastefully so that the buyer can see themselves hosting family and friends.

In preparing your home for sale, staging your front and back yards is just one of the many task that you will need to take care of for a successful sale.

Whether you are selling your home, or buying a home, I can help you with your endeavor. Please contact me at 505.780.0310, or email me at moo@moothorpe.com and I will be happy to assist you.

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