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Reasons Your Home Isn’t Selling and May Be Affecting Your Resale Value

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When you’ve already placed your home on the real estate market and carefully considered your selling price, it can be disappointing when no one seems to jump instantly at the opportunity to buy. It can certainly be more trying if your home is harder to sell, but it may be worth considering whether one of the following might be part of the problem.

Forgetting About the Front
A lot of work goes into shaping up the inside of a home, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore the outside of your property and expect a positive result. The first thing people will see when they view your home is the exterior, so make sure your roof and siding is in good condition and the lawn is well-maintained.

 A Less Popular Location
You’re off to a great start if you already have a well-maintained property, but location has a lot to do with your home’s selling success rate. While there are plenty of great houses out there, it’s important for buyers to live somewhere that has available amenities, good schools and a strong sense of community.not selling1

Negative Past Events
In the unfortunate event that your home has experienced a fire, a natural disaster or even a violent crime, it can be much harder to get the asking price you’re looking for. Since past issues with the home will need to be disclosed, many homeowners may see certain events as a bad omen.

Too Much Space
The luxury of a large home used to be all the rage, but in recent years many homeowners have become more interested in affordable, low-maintenance housing.

While a large space can usually command a higher price, it may be more difficult to sell a home that is more than most people will need.

A Lot of Additional Upgrades   not sold3
There are many home renovations that can add a lot to your home’s value, but if you’ve put in a lot of upgrades and are hoping to get all of these costs back, you may be out of luck. While upgrades like painting and flooring can improve your home’s value, others will be hard to recoup the cost of.

You may have the perfect price for a great home, but there are many factors that can make your home a more difficult sell on the market. If you’re having trouble selling and are looking for realtor options, you may want to contact a real estate professionals for more information.

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