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Sell Your Santa Fe Home – 4 Simple Fall Home Staging Tips

Hiking, beautiful colors and holidays may be on the minds of many in the Santa Fe area this fall. For homeowners who currently have their Santa Fe home on the market to sell this season, attracting buyers is an additional priority. Here are a few quick autumn staging tips to give your home a cozy and warm feel during these chillier months.

Curb Appeal – Fall is the most difficult time of year to keep the outside of your home looking neat and tidy. The beautiful color of summer is quickly replaced with brown fallen leaves. Be sure to rake up leaves and remove the spider webs that tend to appear in every corner of the porch and eaves. Add some color to your front porch, such as a few festive pumpkins, mums and a fall-colored door arrangement, to enhance the landscape after the colored leaves are gone.

Less is More with Decorations – If Halloween and Thanksgiving bring out the grand decorator in you, consider a less extravagant spread this season if your home is on the market. A few tasteful decorations to celebrate the season can add to the décor of your home, while scary goblins or an overabundance of themed decorations can avert the buyers’ eyes from what you really want them to see…the beauty of the home itself. Opt for a few traditional fall decorations, like a cornucopia on the dining room table or some seasonally colored throws on the sofa.

Make it Cozy – Take advantage of the chilly weather to provide a warm and cozy environment for your buyers as they walk through your home. If you have a fireplace, make it a focal point with inviting colored decorations and warm-colored throws in a basket nearby. (Although, lighting a fireplace may not be the safest idea for showings.) Add comfy quilts to your beds and arrange some furniture in snug displays that promote a feeling of cozy conversation and relaxation over a warm cup of tea. Spend the extra money to keep your home at an inviting temperature that your buyers will notice as they walk in the door.

Scents of the Season – Appeal to your buyers senses with the great scents of the fall season. The aromas of apples, cinnamon, pumpkin and vanilla are great ways to elicit feelings of warmth and home. Baking an apple cobbler or pumpkin pie before every showing is not necessary! Consider a cinnamon broom, carefully placed burning candle or oil ring on a lamp to convey a feeling of hearth and home to your buyers.

Fall can be a promising time to buy or sell a home in Santa Fe. If you would like other home staging ideas for this fall season, contact me directly.

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