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Summer Home Safety in Santa Fe

We don’t like to think about it as we plan our summer vacation getaway, but it is important to protect our Santa Fe homes from potential threats while we are away. Here is a short checklist of common sense, cost-free tips to secure your house when you take your summer trip.

1. Secure Windows and Doors – Although a determined thief can access a well-locked house, they often don’t need to. Statistics show that almost one third of home break-ins are “no-force” entries, meaning that they enter through an unsecured window or door. The first level of defense is simply to make a burglar’s entry time consuming and more difficult. Add a metal bar to the base of sliding glass doors to inhibit entry. Make sure that there is a deadbolt on all exterior doors. Consider adding a double cylinder deadbolt lock (uses a key on both sides of the door), especially for doors with surrounding windows.  Remove your outdoor spare key from its hiding place…thieves know all of the typical hiding places, and then some.

2. Make Home Look Occupied – Make sure you don’t advertise your home’s emptiness with a pile of old newspapers, unruly grass and the same light on all night every night. Have mail and newspapers temporarily stopped, and put your lights on timers. Or have a friend or neighbor retrieve mail or mow the lawn. The presence of an actual person around the house can help deter thieves. If you have a pet, consider calling a pet sitter instead of boarding. They can also take care of your house, water plants and bring in any deliveries or flyers from outside.

3. Don’t Advertise your Trip – As excited you might be about your upcoming vacation, be sure to keep details about it to yourself as much as possible, especially on social media sites. With Facebook privacy settings that often change, our updates to our friends can sometimes be seen by unfriendly eyes. Even harmless discussions in the grocery store can be overheard by those we don’t know.

Hopefully, these simple reminders will give you better peace of mind on your next vacation. And after your trip, you will be welcomed back to your Santa Fe home just as you left it. If you are one of my current sellers, please contact me if you plan to be gone from your home for any length of time this summer.

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