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The True Meaning of Valentine’s Day

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All of us know Valentine’s Day has been a celebration of our affection for loved ones for a long time. However, do you know how Valentine’s Day actually came into existence?

On February 15th, ancient Romans would honor their god, Lupercus, with a lottery. All young women would have their name placed into an urn, and all young men would pull a name. The woman chosen would be his sexual companion for the year. Pope Gelasius the First declared that the names of saints should be drawn – which was not widely accepted by the men who had grown accustomed to being able to select a partner. The men began writing love letters to their mates, including the name of Saint Valentine.

Valentine’s Day is not a sacred or religious holiday, but one that is celebrated and cherished by many. I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and have the opportunity to cherish it with others.

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