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This Father’s Day

Father Daughter AirplaneMany of us have fathers in our lives – no matter if it is your father from birth, an adopted parent, or someone who has changed your life for the better over the years.

Father’s Day, of course, is a wonderful time to thank all of the “dads” in our lives. For some of us, we have more than one dad – people who have meant so much to us that we have felt obligated and honored to call them dad.

Being a dad doesn’t mean that you have made an impact on one person’s life. As a father, just by talking someone through some problems, being a great listener, mentoring a troubled youth – makes you a dad in another’s eyes.

So, this Father’s Day, we would like to thank all “dads” that have sacrificed their time, knowledge, advice, coaching efforts at Little League games, cooking, cleaning, and just simply lending an ear when someone needed to talk. Thank you for mentoring, listening, and just being there for so many that needed a “dad” in their lives.

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