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Tips For a Smooth Home Buying Experience

If you are getting ready to shop for a new home there are a few things you can do to help with the purchasing process. Buying real estate can be stressful, but there are four etiquette tips that can make the buying process go more smoothly for you.

Be Pre-approved

Before you start shopping for your new home you should check with your lender to determine your maximum loan amount that you qualify for. Both your real estate agent and the seller have prepared themselves and proper etiquette says you should be prepared as well.

coupleBe Professional While Shopping

It may seem personal when shopping for a home but being professional during interactions can ease any awkwardness between all parties involved.  Proper etiquette includes being considerate of others schedules, being realistic of how many properties can be seen, and allowing time for the seller’s special conditions.


Use Your Real Estate Agent to Negotiate

When you decided to make an offer on a property use your real estate agent to negotiate the pricing between you and the seller. It is best that you don’t discuss how a property is priced, or make offers when looking without your real estate agent knowing. Try not to point out noticeable damages, stains, or out of date designs hoping for a price reduction.  Let your real estate agent handle that when negotiating for the homes purchase.

Closing Creditsmagnifing glass

Once you have decided to close and negotiate the price, home inspections may reveal the problems a home has. The willingness for the buyer to continue negotiating depends on how willing the seller is to address the problems found. A
closing credit can work for both the buyer and seller. If they can agree on closing credits instead of inspections and repairs. The buyer can handle the repairs with the contractor of their choice and make sure the repairs are done to their satisfaction. The seller can move out and not be living on the property saving time.

Real estate transactions can be stressful, but being well mannered can reduce this stress and allow for a smooth purchase of your home.  Understanding the proper etiquette for smooth home buying and your real estate agent can help you in purchasing your new home.

moo thorpe headshotWhether you are selling your home or considering buying a new home, I can help you with your endeavor. Please contact me at 505.780.0310 or fell free to email me at moo@moothorpe.com and I would be happy to assist you.




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