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Tips to Help Control Your Cooling Cost this Summer

ac1Many people look forward to the long, relaxed, sunny days of summer, but they also dread the large energy bills that come during the summer months. Cooling a home can be costly during the. Many people look for convenient ways to help lower their cooling costs without sacrificing on comfort during the warmest days of the year. Here are a few cost effective and convenient tips that may help you reduce your home cooling costs during the summer.

Keep the Blinds Closed

A significant amount of heat can enter a home through the windows, and blinds and curtains provide an extra layer of insulation between the window glass and the interior of the home. Some typesac2 of blinds and curtains are more effective at blocking heat than others, and homeowners may consider upgrading for the best results. For example, wood blinds can block significantly more heat than thin, almost translucent sheers.

Run the Ceiling Fans

ac3Another way to help lower your cooling costs during the summer is to run your ceiling fans regularly. Ceiling fans help circulate the air in a room, and this helps the HVAC work more efficiently. In addition, ceiling fans can also make a room feel cooler. This may mean that a homeowner could set their home’s thermostat a little higher and not feel uncomfortable.

Use Heat Generating Appliances at Night

There are many appliances and equipment that when used indoors generate a considerable amount of heat. Running these at night can help reduce the need to run your HVAC as much during warmac4 days. Consider that everything from running the washer and dryer, the dishwasher, and stove will emit heat in the home. These appliances serve to counteract the efficiency of your HVAC system. When possible try and limit the use of these appliances during the day time and opt to use them during the cooler nights.

Keeping the home cool throughout the summer is a top priority for most, and the good news is that there are easy ways to help reduce the cost of keeping a home cool. These ideas can be beneficial in a homeowner’s quest to reduce the energy cost during the hot summer months.

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