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Ways To Save On Heating Your Home

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There are many unique and different ways to stay warmer as it gets cooler in Santa Fe, without having to turn up the heat and increase your heating bill. Here are some great ideas that I’ve come across and love to share with you!

Blankets – Be sure to add several blankets to the backs of chairs and sofas. They are comfy to sit on and snuggle under, and add a level of warmth to your home, plus a personal touch.

Curtains – Enhance your windows with thick curtains. Not only will they look beautiful, they will also block out the cold and wind.

Enjoy the outdoors with a patio heater – update your patio with a propane-powered space heater. You will have the opportunity to enjoy your patio during the cooler months, and stay warm while admiring your outdoor surroundings.

Hardwood floors – Add several rugs to your hardwood and/or tile floor will warm your feet, increase the look of your home.

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