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What’s On Your Wish List?

Wish list with penLet’s face it – if you have kids, they have a holiday wish list. As Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Festivus and all other holidays during this time of year get closer – they love to write up their list, hoping for at least one special gift.

Once we reach adulthood, our “wish list” for presents kind of goes out the window. Or, we simply just start to wish for simpler items, such as health and happiness.

If you were to sit down, right now, and write a list of what you would like for the holiday season, what would your list contain.

For some of us, we would want simple items such as world peace and ending hunger. For others, it could be paying off your mortgage, becoming debt-free, and starting a family. Or, your wish list could contain an item you’ve never had the ability to own, such as a new car, a home, a boat, or even a high-tech entertainment system.

Think about it – what could you put on your list?

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