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Why First Time Buyers Should Have a Proper Home Inspection

inspectedThere is a lot to learn when buying your first home, it is an investment that can bring joy and sometimes grief. A good real estate agent can help buyers locate homes that meets their needs and advise them a properties market value and neighborhood services. The agent will also help guide a buyer through the negotiation and purchase process. The buyer’s responsibility will be on getting a home inspection of the property. Here are a few steps a first time buyer can take.

Home Inspection Contingency Included in Purchase Offer
When a buyer has found a home and made an offer, the contract should be contingent on having an acceptable home inspection. If any serious issues are found during the inspection the buyer has the option to request that certain items be fixed, compensated for the repair cost, lower the purchase price, or cancel the contract. If the buyer does not have this contingency in their contract they would be bound to the contract and could suffer huge cost for repairs.

Finding a Home Inspectorinspect
Real estate agents or friends may recommend reputable home inspectors. If an inspector is affiliated with professional groups like the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) or Nation Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI) could also be an indication of their competency. Most of all the buyer should interview prospective inspectors and ask for references.

Inspection the Home
Many potential problems with a home are not visible, when a buyer uses a home inspector, they can be assured major problems will be identified. A first time buyer can also learn a lot about possible problems and maintenance by talking with the inspector after the inspection. There may be some things they could learn that could become issues in the future.
What a Home Inspector Does inspector 
What a home inspector will do during an inspection is examine the entire home. They will check the exterior and interior of the home looking for defects, replacement, and repair needs. The inspector will also point out potential problems or safety issues. A report will be generated by the inspector after the inspection covering their findings. Generally a home inspection cost from $200-$500, and take between two to three hours.

What is Inspected?home inspect2
On the external inspection will cover the roof, foundation, exterior walls, landscape, grading, drainage, exterior lights, walkway and driveway, porches.  If your home has a crawl space they will check for moisture, mold, and any wood damage. The interior inspection will cover the Plumbing, electrical system, water heater, HVAC, kitchen appliances, laundry room, fire safety, bathrooms, and attic space.

Having a home inspection completed on your home (even a new home) will be well worth the time and additional expense. It will give you a much clearer view on which to base the offer on your home.

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